Handles and locks for wooden up-and-over garage doors

Doors are supplied with a black handle and key operated lock to activate the multi-point latches – security comes as standard!

For doors that are to be motorized, lock deletion can be specified at the time of order – locks can always be fitted at a later date but lock holes cannot be removed!

Woodrite Handle options

Super-Chassis doors are available with a black handle, whilst Masta-Gear doors are available with black and the option of brass effect and silver effect handles.

Both retractable and canopy doors have twin latches operated by rods or cables from a locking handle. Two at the bottom for retractable doors, two at the top for canopy doors.

Side hinged wooden garage doors

Our York, Thetford and Warwick side hinged garage doors are a traditional classic. The ironmongery we fit to our garage doors is of a high quality and selected to ensure years of trouble free service.

The option packs for York, Thetford and Warwick ranges share the same components and differ only in terms of the type of hinges used and the finishes of each item, giving a choice of three styles – Contemporary, Classic and Traditional.

Contemporary ironmongery is fitted as standard to the York, Thetford and Warwick side hinged garage door range.

Mortice & lever in brass/silver effect or antique.

Side hinged garage doors and personnel doors are hung with three brass-effect hinges per leaf or with the option of a pair of classic strap hinges in black or silver colour or traditional strap hinges in black wrought iron. Side hinged doors have a night latch and finger pull (commonly used on front doors) with the option of a mortice lock and lever set – see individual furniture pack for details.

Personnel doors have a mortice lock and lever set as standard.

Side hinged doors have shoot bolts top and bottom to secure the inactive leaf and door stays to hold the door in the open position.

All side hinged wooden garage doors open right hand leaf first when viewed from outside the garage with the option of left hand opening available on request.

Furniture Packs

Contemporary Pack (Standard) Classic Pack Traditional Pack