Woodrite doors are guaranteed against any form of manufacturing defect or mechanical failure for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.

The exterior factory fully finished panel is guaranteed to provide a weatherproof membrane which will resist perforation of the substrate from the weather side due to corrosion for a period of up to 5 years (10 years for Accoya), dependent on location and position of door and provided door has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


  1. During the comprehensive 2 year guarantee period Woodrite undertake to repair or replace (at its discretion), and without charge, products or components which have suffered any form of manufacturing defect. Claims must be notified within 3 days from the date of delivery or within a reasonable time after discovery of any defect.
  2. Products covered by these guarantees must have been purchased through an authorised Woodrite garage door supplier or as original equipment attached to a newly built dwelling.
  3. The warranties shall apply for normal use only. Normal use constitutes no more than 5 operations (open/close cycles) per day.
  4. The warranties offered attach to Woodrite product only and no consequential damages will apply no matter how caused.
  5. No liability will be accepted as a result of normal wear and tear, incorrect storage, incorrect handling, faulty installation, incorrect use or wilful damage.
  6. Claims under this guarantee must be made through the original supplier and accompanied by relevant documentation indicating the date of purchase (e.g. receipt).
  7. Woodrite’s maximum liability shall be the original purchase price inclusive of Value Added Tax at the rate prevailing when supplied.
  8. Any product which is the subject of a claim:
    1. must have been correctly installed in accordance with the installation instructions supplied and thereafter properly maintained by a suitably experienced engineer on a regular basis as set out in the Maintenance and Operating Instructions provided with every door. (Additional copies of these instructions are available by contacting the installer or the manufacturing company). We recommend that regular maintenance is provided by a suitably experienced engineer.
    2. must have the manufacturers reference number still intact
    3. must not have been modified in any way.
  9. Claims will not be accepted where the cause is due to:
    1. impact or mechanical damage suffered during or following installation, e.g scratches, indentations, tears, scuffs or other surface abrasion.
    2. damage or discolouration caused by contact with any form of caustic, abrasive or corrosive substance, fumes, bird droppings, fire, smoke, floodwater, salts, acids, or from exposure to abnormal atmospheric pollution.
  10. The Exterior Finish Guarantee applies only to the weatherside surface and where more than 5% of the surface area of the door is affected. Surfaces must be freely exposed to washing by rainfall and kept clear of accumulated dirt and debris and given equal exposure to local environmental conditions and consistent natural lighting conditions across the face of the door. Special attention is drawn to Clause (9) (ii).
  11. Basecoated timber doors are supplied with a dip immersion coat of Teknos low build matt water based basecoat of light oak. This operation is for temporary protection for transit and installation purposes only. If the timber panel becomes exposed to excessive water splashes or rain it may result in water marks or stains which could effect the final coating of the door. The topcoat finish must be applied immediately after installation to all surfaces. We recommend a Teknos high build microporous water based finishing stain or equivalent.
  12. Fully finished RAL colours - Tannin bleed through is possible with Western Red Cedar on white and pale colours. Whilst Woodrite Doors Limited uses tannin blockers within the primer, Woodrite will not guarantee against this phenomenon.
  13. Idigbo, Oak & Accoya - The stain used will offer an up to 5 yr /10yr (accoya only) protection as per the guarantee, within this time scale you will find that the colour may fade. This is a natural process and does not effect the protection of the stain.
  14. Due to the acetylation processes with Accoya the use of non-stainless steel fixings may result in the failure of these fixing - this will not be covered under warranty.
  15. Idigbo - The stain used will offer an up to 5 yr protection as per the normal guarantee, within this time scale you will find that the colour may fade. This is a natural process and does not effect the protection of the stain.
  16. Storage – All doors are delivered with cardboard and shrink wrap protection, this should remain in place until final finishing on site. Doors must always be stored in an upright position and protected from possible contaminations prior to fixing. Do not store doors in direct sunlight. Do not puncture the polythene shrink wrap before installation. Do not expose doors to water contaminations, as staining may occur.
  17. Attempted repairs by non-qualified individuals shall invalidate this guarantee.
  18. The specific terms of this guarantee shall only apply to products purchased on or after September 2010 within the UK and Eire.
  19. Woodrite garage doors and associated products are sold subject to the Woodrite’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, copies of which are available upon request. Woodrite shall not be liable as a result of any representation, implied warranty or other term or condition or for any consequential loss or damage, costs, expenses or other claims whatsoever except as expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

General Advice

Door Cleaning. Periodically clean the door panel using warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Allow to dry naturally. Never use detergent, abrasive, caustic or solvent based cleaners as they may damage the door surface. Bird droppings should be removed immediately as these can be particularly caustic.

Door Servicing and Maintenance

All doors should be operated and maintained in line with operating and maintenance instructions supplied with every door. Every six months visually inspect all wear items (including cables) for signs of wear. If wear is detected we recommend you contact your supplier to arrange for a replacement. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and should only be repaired or replaced by a suitably qualified engineer.

Other performance issues affecting Woodrite garage doors are:

The fully finished factory option is supplied in various coloured woodstains and can provide up to 5 years erosion period (dependant on location and position of door). If the door becomes affected by rain soon after installation you may notice a milky coloured staining on the finish of the door and where the sealant is used, this will disappear when dry. This is common phenomenon in water based coatings and over a period of time this will disperse and disappear, this has no adverse effect on the quality and finish of the door.

Woodrite doors are individually handcrafted products manufactured to specific customer order. Due to the nature of the product and the hand finishing processes used they may occasionally display small blemishes which do not detract from the overall appearance of the product. These are regarded as being within manufacturers tolerance when such blemishes are not visible to the naked eye when viewed from a distance of three metres.

Similarly, Timber products will display colour variations across their surface and colour will vary from door to door. Ordering doors to match helps reduce the variation but will not eradicate it entirely.

Woodrite’s timber doors are made from the finest timber obtained from managed and sustainable sources. Prior to fitting they must not be stored in direct sunlight or exposed to splashes or rain as colour fading and/or staining may result. Woodrite’s product guarantee does not cover natural variations in colour, warping, swelling or shrinkage due to the ordinary natural processes of ageing, fading or the effects of weather or climate nor does it cover the incidence of similar degradation which could have been prevented by carrying out finishing and maintenance procedures as recommended by Woodrite. Doors that are not factory finished should be finished with a microporous stain, front and back, in accordance with the stain manufacturers instructions immediately after fitting.

Garage doors should be inspected upon delivery and viewed in natural daylight (not direct sunlight) from a standard distance of 3 metres to view their overall appearance. From this distance the door panel should appear free from visible marks or distortion, stains, blemishes, indentations or scuffs. If any marks are only visible within 3 metres they will not be considered under warranty.

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.