All sizes are for the opening into which the door will fit and are shown width x height - suitable clearance is built into the door panel to allow opening without binding.

All colours are an approximation only and limited by the screen ability to represent colours accurately. The density of your chosen finish colour will vary dependent on the timbers in your door. Dark timbers increase the effective density of an applied colour - for lighter timbers the reverse is true. The samples of colours shown illustrate an average shade. All doors are made from timbers selected to blend well for depth of colour, however, by its very nature, uniformity for every door is not possible. Some doors will be made from predominantly darker timbers and some will be made from predominantly lighter timbers. Each will have a different density for the same colour finish.

Doors are ordered on the understanding that colour density variance is accepted as part of the inherent nature of wood. If you have a density of colour you wish to achieve please provide a sample or contact us for advice. We are able to select timbers to specifically meet your requirements for an individual door, but please remember wood is a natural product and variation is impossible to eliminate. A perfect match is unlikely – the very reason we love wood so much!

All up and over doors are priced including retractable gear. Canopy gear is available on doors up to 8’0” x 7’0” (2438mm x 2134mm) as a no cost option.

All doors are supplied with a base coat treatment ready for staining to the colour of your choice. Fully finished doors are available as an option in the colours listed.

Timber is a natural material and will have variations in colour, shade and grain that will change over time as part of the normal ageing process.

If you are ordering doors to be fitted side by side please tell us and we will select timbers to produce a sympathetic match of colour and shade.

Drawings illustrate a single 7’0” x 7’0” door. Over 10’6” wide double doors have the appearance of two single doors side by side unless shown otherwise. Under 10’6” wide doors employ repeated features or wider features to achieve well balanced proportions.

The proportions of the door panels and the lock handle position may vary dependent upon the door size ordered even within doors of the same style.

Doors are supplied with a lock hole unless otherwise specified. Canopy doors have the lock handle in the upper third of the door, retractable the lower third.

Made to measure sizes are available in mm increments. For pricing, take the next size up from the standard sizes listed.